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Surrender Your Animal

There are times surrendering your pet may be the only option you have due to circumstances beyond your control. If, however, the problem causing you concern is potentially a medical or behavioral related issue, we encourage you to have your pet examined by your veterinarian to see if the issue you are dealing with can be remedied. For example, a cat who suddenly quits using the litter box may have a simple urinary tract infection which can easily be treated with a round of antibiotics. For behavioral concerns, we encourage you to seek help from a dog trainer or dog behaviorist or talk to your veterinarian for a reference.

For all pets NOT adopted from TAPS, we work from a waiting list and cannot help you if you walk in attempting to surrender the pet without notice. Please call TAPS at (309)353-8277.

Our waiting list and kennel availability varies depending on size of the animal and whether it is a cat or dog. We do our best to take animals in from our waiting list in a timely manner; however, we can only take animals as we adopt animals out of our shelter. Please do not give your animal away "free to a good home." If you cannot wait for kennel space in our shelter, please look for other no-kill and rescue options or do your research on who will be providing a home to your pet for life. 

Unfortunately, there are many reasons people look for "free to good home" pets such as bait dogs, food, to sell to research labs, and the harmful list goes on and on.

When you called in from the waiting list, you can expect the following:

1. For dogs, a temperament test lasting approximately 10 minutes will be performed prior to intake. Should your pet become aggressive during the temperament test, TAPS will not be able to take your pet. For cats, we will do a blood test to test for FIV and Feline Leukemia. If your cat tests positive for either disease, we will not be able to take the kitten/cat at that time,it will be necessary to go on a separate waiting list for our FIV or Feline Leukemia room.

2. Be prepared to bring in any medications, veterinary records and personal effects of the pet you would like to surrender.

3. TAPS requests a surrender donation of $25/pet or more – while this is not a requirement, it helps to cover the cost of the medical needs and required vaccinations, food and care during their stay at TAPS.

Since we are a no-kill shelter, our intake ability and the time you will wait to bring an animal into our shelter always depends on adoptions and kennel availability. Getting your animal into a no-kill shelter or rescue group takes time and planning and can often take several weeks.